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Introducing the -009 Grill Guard, expertly crafted for International ProStar/LT625 trucks. This stainless steel semi truck bumper guard in sleek black offers the ideal blend of style and protection, along with exceptional features:

🛡️ Comprehensive Safeguard: Protect your headlights, paint, and vital engine components with this bumper guard. Shielding your truck's essentials is now effortless.

💥 Minimize Costly Repairs: Even minor collisions can lead to expensive repairs, but with the -009, you'll reduce damage to your semi-truck and your wallet.

🔧 Easy Installation: Say goodbye to drilling and complicated installations. The -009 is designed for straightforward setup, saving you time and effort.

💪 Heavy-Duty Build: Constructed with 3" durable materials, this grill guard is built to withstand the harshest conditions, offering robust and long-lasting protection.

🚚 Road Hazard Protection: Safeguard your truck against unexpected road hazards, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the journey brings.

Elevate the durability and style of your International ProStar/LT625 with the -009 Grill Guard, and drive with peace of mind, knowing your truck is well-protected against the unexpected. Upgrade your truck with the perfect blend of convenience, strength, and style today! 

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