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KOZAK Reflective Vest
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2x22" Windshield wipers
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License Plate Holder
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International Logo
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Introducing the Grill Guard, specifically designed for International Prostar/LT625 Semi-trucks. This powerful accessory offers a range of benefits:

🛡️ Extra Protection: Shield your truck against road hazards, ensuring a safer journey.

💥 Collision Defense: The perfect solution for safeguarding against small collisions, keeping you and your truck out of harm's way.

💰 Wallet Saver: Minimizes the damage done to your truck and your wallet, providing peace of mind on the road.

🦌 Wildlife Protection: Safeguard against encounters with deer and moose, reducing the risk of accidents and damage. Equip your International Prostar/LT625 with the Grill Guard and experience enhanced protection and security on the road. Drive confidently and worry-free with !

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