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KOZAK Reflective Vest
$25 Free!
2x22" Windshield wipers
$25 Free!
License Plate Holder
$25 Free!
Kenworth Logo
$100 Free!

PROTECTS Your Kenworth T680 2012-2021 Bumper, Front Grille And Headlights

EASY INSTALLATION, No Drilling Needed. Great Kenworth T680 Accessories PROVIDES STRONG and Stylish Bumper, Lights and Grille Protection for Your Kenworth Truck HEAVY DUTY Grill Guard Tubular Construction

INCLUDES: 1x Grille Guard, 1x Mounting bracket Set, Kenworth Logo Emblem, License Plate Holder, License Plate Frame, 2x22" Windshield Wipers and KOZAK Vest

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