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Volvo Releases Brand New 2024 Volvo VNL: Advancements in Trucking Efficiency and Comfort

All new 2024 Volvo VNL


Fuel Efficiency Innovations in the Volvo VNL

Fuel consumption is significantly influenced by aerodynamics, and the new Volvo VNL's design with its angular cab and redesigned windshield markedly reducing aerodynamic drag. Precision-focused innovations tackle turbulence from wheel openings to the trailer gap, contributing to a fuel efficiency boost of up to 10%. The D13 engine powers this model, with options across 405-500 horsepower and 1,750-1,950 lb-ft of torque combined with a swift-shifting I-Shift transmission, with the I-Torque system providing additional fuel savings.

Engine Horsepower Torque Transmission
D13 405-500 hp 1,750-1,950 lb-ft I-Shift (optimized)

The design ingenuity stems from Volvo Trucks' SuperTruck 2 initiative, harmonizing rigorous testing with pioneering design for efficiency.

Elevated Safety Standards

The new Volvo VNL's advanced safety features underscore Volvo Trucks' commitment to minimizing accidents. From active systems like Volvo Active Driver Assist Plus with Pilot Assist enhancing lane control to passive ones with improved visibility through a bonded windshield, the focus is clear. The interplay of features like dynamic steering and emergency maneuvers ensures both precision handling and swift, automatic responses to potential collisions, including pedestrian detection.

  • Active Safety Systems:

    • Volvo Active Driver Assist Plus
    • Pilot Assist
    • Volvo Dynamic Steering
    • Pedestrian detection
  • Passive Safety Systems:

    • Wrapped windshield
    • High-strength steel cabs
    • Side-curtain airbags
    • E-Call emergency system

Driver Comfort and Productivity Advancements

Volvo's new VNL model addresses the multifaceted needs of drivers, from the GRAS (Global Rear Air Suspension) to Volvo Smart Suspension software, ensuring a smooth journey across varying conditions. The inclusion of a proprietary Volvo Parking Cooler minimizes idle engine time, improving the rest environment free from noise and excess vibration, and supports drivers' health and operational efficiency.

  • Comfort Enhancements:
    • GRAS - Global Rear Air Suspension
    • Volvo Smart Suspension
    • Volvo Dynamic Steering
    • Volvo Parking Cooler (idle management)

Interior design also reflects the focus on driver well-being, optimizing lighting, storage, and cabin aesthetics for a home-like atmosphere. The option of a folding bunk enhances cabin versatility, facilitating restful breaks and ease of access within the vehicle.

Forward-Looking Transportation Solutions

The new VNL serves as a platform for emerging transportation technologies, preparing for the integration of battery-electric, fuel cell, and combustion engines fed by renewable fuels such as hydrogen. Introducing the first 24-volt electrical system in North America, the model paves the way for future advancements, propelling Volvo Trucks towards an era of zero emissions and zero accidents.

All-new 2024 Volvo VNL Semi Truck Interrior

Commonly Asked Queries

What Enhancements Does the 2024 Volvo VNL Offer?

The latest Volvo VNL for 2024 sets new benchmarks with a host of advanced features. Among these are:

  • Improved driver productivity tools
  • State-of-the-art safety technology to safeguard operators
  • Innovative sustainability features aimed at reducing carbon footprint

Upgrades to the 2024 Volvo VNL Interior

The 2024 Volvo VNL's interior has been crafted for both comfort and utility with:

  • Optimized space for working conditions
  • Enhanced living areas for driver comfort
  • Infotainment upgrades for a more enjoyable driving experience

2024 Volvo VNL Series Starting Cost

Pricing for the 2024 Volvo VNL series varies based on model and specifications. Interested buyers should contact authorized Volvo dealers for the most current pricing information.

Performance and Efficiency Improvements in the 2024 Volvo VNL

Compared to its predecessors, the 2024 VNL features:

  • Enhanced powertrain efficiency
  • New technologies for reduced fuel consumption
  • Innovative engine options compatible with renewable fuels

2024 Volvo VNL 860 Versus Previous Models

When comparing the VNL 860 for 2024 to earlier models, notable distinctions include:

  • More robust uptime services
  • A series of technology-driven service contracts for precise tuning
  • Significant advancements in driver-centric design

Manufacturing Locations of the 2024 Volvo VNL Trucks

The 2024 Volvo VNL trucks are manufactured in various countries, including but not limited to facilities in North America, which pride themselves on leading-edge manufacturing standards for heavy-duty trucks.