Truck fairings –are an essential part of a modern truck

Truck fairings help decrease drag coefficient and solve a lot of other important problems. In our on-line store you can find fairings for your specific truck.

Truck fairing improves run-away speed and stability of a truck and also decreases fuel consumption up to 15%. Moreover, the fairing makes you vehicle look great.

We offer a wide range of fairings for almost all vehicle types.

Semi truck fairings are reasonably priced.

As it has been mentioned above, semi truck fairings improve vehicle aerodynamics.

We`ve already mentioned air flow resistance during vehicle movement. This resistance can be smaller or bigger, depending on size and shape of a truck or cab and also depending on vehicle speed. The bigger resistance – the lower speed you have and more fuel is consumed. These problems can be solved by installing truck cab fairing.

This gives you the following advantages:

  • Decreasing drag by improving aerodynamics and vehicle steerability
  • Decreasing noise level and cab movement
  • Truck cab fairing improves the appearance of your vehicle
  • Decreases fuel consumption up to 15%

We offer truck roof fairings for sale also, which are made according to modern technologies and high-quality materials. All the goods, which are represented in the catalog, are special because of their durability and freeze-resisting quality, moreover, they comply with all the modern standards and warranties.