Freightliner Moose Bumper buy on-line for the best price

Wild animals on the road have become a road hazard in recent years. Freightliner Moose Bumper will protect your front end from impact damage and it will also keep your truck looking sharp.

What are moose bumpers for semi trucks? They are metal frames, which consist of bars that are mounted in front of the bumper.

Semi truck bumper guard – is an accessory which protects your truck

Semi truck bumper guard comes in different shapes:

A short bar which is situated on the bumper bottom edge.

A short bar that reaches the bumper top edge.

A tall bar that reaches the hood and has several cross-tubes with supporting brackets for additional headlight protection.

The third one is the best deer guards for semi trucks.

Bumper guards are not only used as a means of protection but also as an aesthetic feature of the vehicles’ appearance.

Deer guards for semi trucks can save your life. In our on-line store there are guards of the highest quality that will protect your truck during an accident.

Keep in your mind that deer guards for trucks are not only decoration, but your guarantee of security.

In our catalog you will find all the necessary information about deer guards and our sales associates will be happy to answer any of your questions.